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An update on the Year of Realization

This year I set a yearly theme for myself to be the year of realization. I thought it would be good to give an update as to how it’s been so far. When I posted that I talked about realizing lots of ambitions and projects I have been working on through the years. My app development with my new app Bridges and getting paid to edit podcasts. I’m pleased to say both are going very well.

I haven’t updated this blog in longer than I wanted. I still see people visiting and I appreciate that you want to hear from me. With Bridges I have been working hard to keep the TestFlight going and working on its features. Sending out the most recent beta was really exciting for me when I pushed it out to my users. But getting there was a challenge, building out support for the share sheet was tough. There isn’t too much out there regarding how to make share extensions and how to communicate with the main app. But after some help and lots of trial and error I had things working. The last challenge was getting the share sheet setup but keeping users data intact. Luckily someone pointed me in the right direction to figure out this problem and I was able to solve it.

This update with the share sheet was very important to me. It was the one last feature I had to make to realize the idea I had in my head. The app isn’t ready for a 1.0 but the basic functionality I first wanted is whats on peoples phones now. It’s a really awesome feeling.

You can join the TestFlight here: Bridges TestFlight

The podcast I work on Launched is doing really great. It is growing in listenership and after setting out to get a membership/sponsors the show has done just that. Episode 54 of Launched was the first with an ad spot and the first episode I have been paid to work on. Launched has been able to consistently get sponsors and it’s been a really fun experience working with Charlie.

There are so many times in life when you see someone achieve something. But you often times only see a milestone or moment. You often times aren’t aware of the past work they did to get to that point. I feel like all of the previous learning and teaching myself swift I have done. All of the podcast episodes I made, produced, and edited have brought me to this point. There is still more to learn and more to do but my passions are being realized. It’s been years in the making but I am starting to feel more like the person I want to be. A developer and someone in the Apple community that is hopefully making cool and interesting things.

So if you have any creative goals or projects know that they will be realized. You just got to be consistent and dedicated to your efforts. The walls you hit learning things along the way are only temporary. If you keep at them you will find your solution it just takes time.