All I Remember by Brian Eno

Brian Eno has a long and very impressive career in music. He’s one of those musicians that still makes new music despite being very seasoned in his career. I think I first started taking note of his work when I heard some of the albums he made with David Bowie like Low. Nonetheless this music video and song has captivated me. It feels very biographical and just hypnotizing with its visuals and melodies. … »

Bridges launches on Vision Pro

When Apple launched the Vision Pro I was really excited to finally see their long rumored headset. I listened to lots of different podcasts where press got to talk about their 30 minute demos. Then as Apple launched the Vision Pro in February anyone was able to book a demo as long as they were close to an Apple Store. So I went in not knowing what to expect in the demo. … »

Bridges post launch

Working towards launching the 1.0 of my link saving app Bridges has finished. On Tuesday November 14th the app officially launched for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its reception has been really encouraging and went better than expected. There was a few people that I though would review the app or speak about it and did. I didn’t really have a proper press kit and that might have hurt my chances for some publications. … »

Bridges 1.0

Today I’m excited to launch the 1.0 of my next app Bridges. It’s the link saving app I’ve always wanted. Im happy to say it is available now on the App Store and the Mac App Store. Bridges is great at saving links and keeping them all in one place but it does a lot more than just that. Bridges aims to make some tedious tasks easier. If you ever had reoccurring tasks to save links for a podcast, blog post, or newsletter you’ll love Bridges. … »

RelayFM for St.Jude

RelayFM is running their annual fundraiser for St.Jude. A children’s research hospital in Memphis Tennessee. Relay is the podcast network of some of my favorite podcasts and people on the internet. St.Jude provides free care for children who have cancer and its one of the best hospitals in the world. They share their research and have made huge strides to end childhood cancer. Their goal is to have the survival rate at 100%. … »

Bridges for Mac

Today I’m thrilled to announce the first beta for Bridges on the Mac! The Mac has always been an important platform on the roadmap for me. I initially built Bridges for the iPhone but the goal was to have it on every major Apple platform. Today users get to download and use Bridges on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Bridges is an app I wanted for myself for a long time. I wanted something quick and focused that helped me save formatted links for podcast show notes. … »