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Bridges for Mac

Today I’m thrilled to announce the first beta for Bridges on the Mac! The Mac has always been an important platform on the roadmap for me. I initially built Bridges for the iPhone but the goal was to have it on every major Apple platform. Today users get to download and use Bridges on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Bridges is an app I wanted for myself for a long time. I wanted something quick and focused that helped me save formatted links for podcast show notes. I wanted to be able to save things with a few taps and copy them to the clipboard just as fast. With that concept I took on the challenge to make a utility app for everyone. Writers, bloggers, podcasters, and more will have an easy way to save items they need for later with less work and setup.

The Mac has had a renaissance with Apple silicon. Right now is an exciting time to be writing apps for the Mac. For the type of app Bridges is having something native is essential. Universal Clipboard is nice to have but when working on a show or blog post most times it’s on a Mac.

So like the iPad app Bridges comes with a three column layout that shows you all your links and folders. If you have multiple projects you can create different sections to keep folders nice and organized. If you have a newsletter you are working on you can create a section for that then a folder for every issue your working on. In the toolbar if you want to copy all the links in the folder you just click the copy button and select the format you want. The current formats are: hyperlinks, markdown, HTML, and JSON. After that you can paste in the formatted links into another app or wherever you need. With Universal Clipboard that can even be in another device. You can easily save links in safari or wherever you bring up the share sheet. Letting you quickly add items for later. As the share extension shows up you get a nice preview of the links hero image and the links title is automatically added to the custom title for the link your saving. This can be changed later but it aims to make saving the right item as quick as possible. So if you ever found yourself needing to save links for a newsletter, show, or article Bridges is here to help.

Bridges running on the Mac. A picture of an iMac running my link formatting app Bridges. It also shows Tot another app for saving quick notes in diffrerent tabs. Showing how you can copy all your fomatted links quickly with Bridges and paste it anywhere.

Bridges is available on iPhone and iPad too. So if your already using it there the Mac version will use iCloud to sync all your folders and links. If you’ve never tried the app check it out. Any feedback you have is appreciated you can email I hope you enjoy using the app and find it useful.


Bridges for iPhone/iPad 📱

Bridges for Mac 💻