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Finding my voice

This blog has largely been inactive with the occasional post but now I intend to change that. Finding my voice as a writer is an exciting prospect to me. I think of this blog as a blank canvas something for me to share my ideas with the world. My small corner of the internet I have ownership of. I think lots of people in the Apple community are entering a weird unknown post Twitter world. Not knowing how to stay connected and what will happen next. I hope many will start blogging again or dust off old blogs that hadn’t seen much interaction in a while.

I don’t really have a plan to post on certain days or at a certain time. More over I wanna try to post regularly and when I think I have something to say. Some of my inspirations are Stephen Hackett’s 512 Pixels and John Gruber’s DaringFireball. Those sites post a mix of personal thoughts and links to things they find interesting. So if you have visited this site and enjoy it definitely favorite it in your browser of choice. Or if you really enjoy it share it with a friend or two.