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First impressions of Mac

I haven’t updated my Mac in 3 years. Getting a new Mac is very exciting and slightly burdensome all in one. Making your Mac yours is something all Mac users do. I think especially developers there’s all sorts of settings and weird things we like to do when setting up a new Mac.

After 3 years I was finally ready to upgrade from my M1 MacBook Air. It was my first Apple silicon Mac and the best computer I had had until now. But as I have been working on Bridges, editing podcasts, and more I was outgrowing it. I was really uncertain what to get to replace it. After lots of comparing and deliberation I found the right option for me.

So now I’m typing this post on my new Mac my M2 14-inch MacBook Pro. It has definitely led with a great first impression. While I love Mac hardware for being cool technology. What matters most to me is how it is my tool to let me make things. To help me make an app, blog, podcast, and whatever my mind comes up with. It is my “bicycle for the mind”. I can have an idea and this helps me get there to making it.

From having things like MagSafe back to the amazing high refresh rate display. This Mac feels special, like the Macs I used to dream of owning but could never afford. It isn’t the first MacBook Pro I’ve had but it’s the first one that really feels like a pro computer. In the past I had a 2016 & 2018 MacBook Pro but those felt dull. They were decent Macs but there was nothing special about them and they had major disadvantages to what came before it.

When Apple came out with the M1 Air like many I felt the FOMO and bought one. Xcode being one of the main apps in use I wanted something that blew away what I had in performance. The M1 Air did that for my 2018 MacBook Pro and I was super happy. But as Apple started redesigning their Macs and introducing Pro level chips my M1 Air was their “slow” Mac.

After unboxing my new Mac I was really excited to set it up and put Xcode on it. One of the first things I did was build and run my app Bridges.

- M2 Pro Macbook Pro: 20 seconds
- M1 Macbook Air: 50 seconds 

I knew it would be a performance boost but that was definitely better than expected. I will save a meaningful amount of time working on this Mac and feel much less constrained. Upgrading the RAM to 32Gigs was expensive but definitely a good move. I spent a few hours working on my app yesterday and everything just felt buttery smooth. I didn’t feel like I was opening too many windows. I didn’t feel like my Mac was too warm and even though this Mac has two fans I can’t hear them at all. This Mac is definitely making me feel like I can accomplish more, to think bigger. I know this probably sounds ridiculous but there’s many times when I have lots of things going on and feel like I need to slim things down so my Mac can keep up.

Most times I use my Mac its docked in clamshell mode. I love my Studio Display but the high refresh rate display on this makes me want to use it as a laptop more often. I don’t think my Studio Display screen is sub par now but they each have their advantages. I might even start going to coffee shops to code again. I haven’t really done that in a while but sometimes a change in environment is helpful for productivity. Having the option to work anywhere is why I wanted to keep the laptop/monitor lifestyle.

This Mac feels like a really big upgrade. I have a much faster Mac and a Mac that feels way way more capable. I can load up Xcode with a simulator and lots of windows and it doesn’t break a sweat. It will switch apps and load things quickly with no lag. It has tons of ports and the headphone jack in the right spot. It’s only been a weekend but I can confidently say this Mac is special and is crazy powerful.