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Launched A Patreon

Launched the podcast I edit for my friend Charlie Chapman is launching a Patreon! I’ve mentioned the show before and if you enjoy this blog I think you’d love the show. Each episode Charlie interviews a new person and you get to hear how they Launched their app or product. Many are from the Apple community but not exclusively.

I’m really excited for Charlie and to see where this goes. The Patreon has three tiers.

• $4/month - Sail Boat

• $10/month - Paper Airplane

• $50/month - Rocket Patron

The show doesn’t currently have sponsors but once it does patrons will get ad free episodes.

Sail Boat lets you support the show and will give you an ad free version once the show has ads. Paper Airplane gives you those benefits plus a mention on the “Patrons” section of the website. Finally Rocket Patron has all of the above plus your name in the show notes and “Rockets Patron” section of the website.

So if you’re into podcasts or just hearing about Launched be sure to check this out!

Launched Patreon