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RelayFM for St.Jude

RelayFM is running their annual fundraiser for St.Jude. A children’s research hospital in Memphis Tennessee. Relay is the podcast network of some of my favorite podcasts and people on the internet. St.Jude provides free care for children who have cancer and its one of the best hospitals in the world. They share their research and have made huge strides to end childhood cancer. Their goal is to have the survival rate at 100%.

Today Relay is hosting their Podcastathon which is their 12 hour live stream on Twitch. If you can donate to Relay’s campaign, even if its a few bucks it helps a really great cause. I meant to post this before but with the event being 12 hours long theres still lots left to watch. Their campaign doesn’t end today though it continues till the last day of September.

Relay’s Live stream

Donate to their campaign