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The iPhone mini

We are on the eve of an iPhone event. For Apple fans like me it’s a very exciting time. But this year is different, I know tomorrow Apple will show a few new iPhones a “regular” one and a “Pro” one. Both coming in two sizes to give people options. But something will be most likely missing from the lineup. My favorite iPhone.

The iPhone 12 mini has been my daily iPhone for almost 2 years now. The first time I held it I was hooked. It felt different right away, I had a phone with a large enough screen for me but in a very pocketable and pleasing size. I fell for the mini hard and it might be my favorite iPhone ever. Last year Apple updated it with the 13 mini improving on its camera and processor.

The mini was never the leading edge of what an iPhone can be. But it didn’t need to be, to be so much fun to use. It still had a great camera, a fast processor, and a nice OLED display. The battery life could have been a little better but it lasted me all day. Partially cause I use CarPlay all the time but I know others found that to be a rough point. All in all a phone is your most important computer its always with you and its your main camera too. I love the iPhone 12 mini and I’m sure I would have loved the 13 mini too. Then the rumors came…

The mini size class is not long for this world. I didn’t expect to find myself in this position. It almost feels like how I imagine fans of the home button feel. A thing Apple has made but doesn’t seem interested in making anymore. I think this is the first time this has happened to me with an Apple product. Loving something that will ultimately go away. It’s not a good feeling.

Now I know no one is taking this 12 mini from me and forcing me to upgrade. I can continue to use it and enjoy it for several more years. Apple is very good about supporting hardware with software updates for a long time. But this just doesn’t feel like a viable strategy.

I don’t want to use something that won’t be replaced with a better version of it. Trying to see if articles come out hinting at a possible return of this form factor. Wishing Apple changes its mind and makes this type of phone again. Or Hanging my hat on the possibility this will be the new iPhone SE form factor. That just seems like delaying the disappointment and possibly making it worse.

Tomorrows iPhone event is still something I am excited for. I am still a tech nerd at heart and I wonder what the new iPhone will be like. What rumors will be true, what surprises well get, and what the next flagship feature will be. As I’m writing this the Pro cameras are the thing I’m most curious about.

I see myself upgrading from the 12 mini to the 14 Pro in the regular size. For the last few months I was certain that I would keep using my 12 mini even after the new phones were announced. But thinking it over I don’t know it’s best to keep holding out for something that may never come. There is never a perfect phone but there is definitely some products that hit you in the feels. Like the new M2 MacBook Air that has been very well received. Its more than the sum of its parts its the experience it gives you. The 12 mini is a fantastic phone that is a joy to use it’s been my favorite iPhone to date. And I hope Apple can make an iPhone I like better than this one. But it’s likely time to say goodbye for now. No matter if I upgrade or not I hope that another iPhone mini is in the works 🤞.