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The year of Realization

One of my favorite podcasts Cortex has a wonderful concept for yearly themes. Instead of goals you have themes of what you want to accomplish and move towards. To help keep track of this they have a theme system journal.

It’s very hard for me to keep a habit of journaling. And the cool thing about the journal is it doesn’t really pressure you to do so. I’ve always wanted to give the theme system journal a try and a yearly theme. So in 2023 I think I’m gonna try that. Much of 2022 felt like things were finally moving into place for me. My personal projects and ambitions were starting to really come together.

2023 The Year of Realization

I want my yearly theme for 2023 to be the year of realization. To start and realize lots of projects and ambitions I’ve been working towards.

A big part of this is releasing my app Bridges. Currently I have a TestFlight for it I’m getting ready to launch soon. My hope is that it connects with people and becomes a useful utility for people’s workflows. So many people and developers I look up to have apps their known for. For me I want Bridges to be that app. To work on it and bring more features to it over time and eventually on other platforms like the iPad and Mac.

Podcasts are something I listen to everyday and love. I’m incredibly lucky I get to edit one of my favorite podcasts Launched. I’ve had a podcast in the past and now I have taken that experience to editing and crafting episodes of Launched. The show is going to undergo some exciting changes this year and I’m pumped. I feel like my connection with the show and podcasts will grow.

Finally one of the last big things I want to help realize is business. To utilize some schooling I’ve had in the past on learning to make my own business. Lots of indie developers and people set up their own small companies to help realize and make their side projects possible. I need to go down this road and figure out how to put it all together. One first step will be helping my wife and her art business get set up.

Logging all these topics into daily or mostly daily posts in the theme system journal will be interesting. Hopefully I’ll have some more clear ideas on implementing this but I wanted to share my thoughts. To give a big picture of what I have planned this year. It’s just the beginning but I have a feeling the year of realization is gonna be one to remember.