Bridges for iPad

It’s been a while since I did a post about my link formatting app Bridges. I wanted to talk about where it is in development and what I’m working on next. It’s been in TestFlight longer than I thought but I have a plan to launch soon. Bridges aims to be a fun utility app for people composing links for podcast show notes or blog posts. With Bridges you have an easy way to save formatted links from the share sheet or enter them manually. … »

First impressions of Mac

I haven’t updated my Mac in 3 years. Getting a new Mac is very exciting and slightly burdensome all in one. Making your Mac yours is something all Mac users do. I think especially developers there’s all sorts of settings and weird things we like to do when setting up a new Mac. After 3 years I was finally ready to upgrade from my M1 MacBook Air. It was my first Apple silicon Mac and the best computer I had had until now. … »

Building the system

“Getting started is the hardest part” is a very popular phrase. I think it does get to the point though. Often times the biggest friction to getting a task done is letting the human mind wonder where to start. If you don’t have a clear plan then whats step one or two. What are their end goals or what do they let you tackle next? Being an indie developer or making anything yourself requires lots of discipline. … »

My next Mac

For the longest time I would try to sell the Mac I had to upgrade to a new one. Thats because I always felt I was pushing the limits of my new computer. I would be making it too hot with Xcode or it wouldn’t be fast enough. After I got my M1 MacBook Air this stopped. I didn’t feel the urge to upgrade all the time. I could build the apps I had in my head and my Mac could keep up with me. … »

My thermal corner of the net

I really don’t like talking about Twitter at this point. I know it’s called something else now but it died when Elon bought it in my book. The people I cared about there the Apple community left for Mastodon. I was happy with that its built on a federated platform that encouraged third party apps like Ivory. I think there was still kind of an uncertainty though. Many people liked to use Twitter to see what celebrities were up to or their favorite sports team. … »

Be kind to yourself

There’s just been a lot going on. That’s what I feel like I tell myself every day. Whether it’s day job challenges, family stuff, or something else. Life always has times of fast pace and slow downs. Ups and downs there’s nothing unique really most people have this. But I think there is something a little different and I feel like people who have passion projects or multiple ones. Often have their mind taken up by them. … »