Beta life

My plan at first was to resist the urge to install any of the betas that came out of WWDC this year. I thought to myself that I do so every year and while it’s fun. I should try to do something different this time around. To embrace the stable iOS and macOS operating systems that I use everyday on my main devices. I don’t have any test devices or spare Macs just one iPhone and one Mac. … »

Stephen Hackett's 2023 Apple History Calendar

Last year I bought Stephen Hackett’s Mac hardware calendar. I have never really kept up with physical calendars but this one seemed to cool to pass up. It includes fun Mac Hardware facts during the year instead of major holidays or things like that. All of the photos for the calendar were taken by Stephen and were really well done. Having lived with it for seven months I have enjoyed it a lot. … »

From 30 pin to lightning

I can feel myself turning into that next stage of my life. Taking a step back to think about where I am and where I want to be. I’m not throwing out all my computers and changing all my interests. But I am thinking of lots of things I have in a new light. It started small and it has been growing in my sub conscience. I have started to take some of these feelings and turn them into actions changing my day to day habits. … »

WWDC22 first impressions

With WWDC just getting started this year and the first partially in person one at that, there is lots going on in the Apple world. Seeing my Twitter timeline with people meeting in person, getting excited for announcements, its one of my favorite times of the year. This is my first impressions of the announcements and what I’m excited about. I think the first thing that feels almost like a sigh of relief is no AR device paradigm shift. … »

Getting a mechanical watch

I’m no watch expert. I do find my interest in watches expanding though. I regularly go on sites like Hodinkee & Worn & Wound just to name a few. In the last couple of years I have been learning about how they work, what types there are, and seeing what styles I gravitate to. I definitely don’t need another expensive hobby and watches like many things I’m into can get very pricey. … »