The year of Realization

One of my favorite podcasts Cortex has a wonderful concept for yearly themes. Instead of goals you have themes of what you want to accomplish and move towards. To help keep track of this they have a theme system journal. It’s very hard for me to keep a habit of journaling. And the cool thing about the journal is it doesn’t really pressure you to do so. I’ve always wanted to give the theme system journal a try and a yearly theme. … »


With 2022 coming to a close I wanted to write one more blog post for the year. This year like many others has gone quite fast. There was quite a lot that has happened for me both personally and for my side projects. As December has been moving forward I feel tons of excitement and happiness. Things are starting to really gain momentum for me. I feel like lots of bets I have made for myself in the past are going to be realized soon in the next year. … »


Its been a long while since I have done anything on the app front but thats gonna change. Its a little scary talking about it so early but its something I’m really excited about and would like to share. When doing my podcast or just in day to day activities I had often found myself needing save formatted links. Things I wanted to share or stuff I wanted to save. But I would also need those links to be formatted sometimes in markdown sometimes as hyperlinks. … »

The Gate

Developer Programmer Coder These are some labels that describe the people I admire. The type of person I see myself being and want to be. For the longest time it felt like that title has eluded me. I never had any formal computer science classes. All of my programing skills and knowledge has come from trying things on my own or through tutorials. I have had people through the years reach out and help as well. … »

Finding my voice

This blog has largely been inactive with the occasional post but now I intend to change that. Finding my voice as a writer is an exciting prospect to me. I think of this blog as a blank canvas something for me to share my ideas with the world. My small corner of the internet I have ownership of. I think lots of people in the Apple community are entering a weird unknown post Twitter world. … »

Post Twitter

We are in a post Twitter world. There are amazing people in the Apple community still using it but I think the writing is on the wall. People are leaving and it doesn’t feel the same. For many of us Twitter was Twitter because of the amazing people that were on it if they are gone then Twitter is gone. Becky Hansmeyer has one of my favorite blog posts pointing out what well miss as a community. … »