Preparing for a 1.0

I think I have gotten my app Bridges to the point where I want to ship it as a 1.0. I wanted to get it released before the upcoming DeepDishSwift conference I am excited to go to but that won’t be happening… Life gets in the way and it’s hard to find time. Lots of indie/solo developers encounter this and know it well. I have shifted the goal to shipping before WWDC and June 5, 2023. … »

An update on the Year of Realization

This year I set a yearly theme for myself to be the year of realization. I thought it would be good to give an update as to how it’s been so far. When I posted that I talked about realizing lots of ambitions and projects I have been working on through the years. My app development with my new app Bridges and getting paid to edit podcasts. I’m pleased to say both are going very well. … »

Twitter cuts off 3rd party clients

The biggest middle finger to developers I’ve ever seen. I have left Twitter for a while now but this is wild. Yesterday with no notice they just shut off access for 3rd party apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific. No communication no word nothing. Twitterrific’s blog post. … »

Launching the Bridges Beta

Launching the beta for my app Bridges was really fun. I had planned a day for myself to release it and I hit that goal. Leading up to it was feelings of excitement and a little nervousness. I was eager to see what the reception would be like and how many people would download and use the app. I think it went really well and the app got more downloads than I thought. … »

Bridges Beta

Today I am launching the first beta of my new app Bridges! It is the link formatting app that I’ve always wanted for myself. I’ve written about it here before but I wanted to give a more detailed overview. When I had my podcast Everyday Robots I would spend lots of time collecting links for show notes. Assembling topics to talk about and keeping a list of references. When it came to publishing the show I wanted all the links to be in a nice format with custom titles. … »

Algorithm after effects

A few weeks ago I deleted the YouTube app off my phone. It was in line with my desire to get rid of social media apps that rely on algorithms to feed you content. I have social media apps on my phone like Ivory for Mastodon my now most used one. Others like Glass and Discord but they are all non algorithm based. Like most people I had become victim to checking apps too much because I knew the timeline would change and something new would pop up. … »