Some personal news! I’m thrilled to announce! My latest app… Twitter is the defacto platform for people in the Apple community to share their work. It is probably the main reason I joined the platform, and why I am still there. But with Elon’s takeover its just been day after day of problems and chaos. Lots of famous tech sites with huge teams of writers can’t keep up with all the changes. … »

Twitter & Mastodon

Twitter has had some eventful few weeks. It’s been taken over by a Billionaire who doesn’t even understand what he overpaid for. Elon is constantly going back on things he says because he’s learning as he’s going. It’s kinda funny to watch but it’s also amazing that he did not think any of this through and paid 44 Billion dollars. With the “water cooler” of the Apple community in disarray people are looking towards alternatives. … »


I’m finally getting back into podcasting again! It has been something I have missed so much since I had to let it go. I had an Apple themed tech podcast called Everyday Robots with a good friend of mine Mark Fransen. Each week we would chat about the Apple news of the week or I would interview people in the Apple community. I edited and produced the show and we made over a hundred episodes. … »

_David Smith's Apple Watch Ultra Review

David’s one of the leading Apple Watch developers and knows the device inside and out. There are many great reviews out there but this is one I was excited to see. He doesn’t disapoint taking the Ultra out on a hiking expedition in Scotland to review it. I still haven’t tried one on yet and I want to. I keep thinking I’ll want to trade in my series 7 for it after see it. … »

My favorite podcasts

Podcasting is something I love a lot. I even made one and got into editing and producing them. I hope I can get to a point where I can get back to that. In some ways I have but can’t share yet… I wanted to share with you some of the podcasts I subscribe to and never not listen to. I often listen to many similar podcasts. You may think that shows with the same topics would be redundant but it’s the hosts and their ideas that make each one unique. … »

A cool iPhone

Another thing that I have noticed from my iPhone 12 mini to the 14 Pro is it runs way cooler. I use CarPlay with my iPhone at least once a day. Living in California it is often very hot. There were many times using my 12 mini where I had to hold it up to the air condition vent to cool it down while driving. I think lots of this is down to how small the iPhone is and how it can’t really dissipate the heat well. … »